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Nurse sharks are slow-moving bottom-dwellers and are, for the most part, harmless to humans. However, they can be huge—up to 14 feet—and have very strong jaws filled with thousands of tiny. The nurse shark is light yellowish-brown to dark brown, and some have small dark spots. It has a flattened body and a broad, rounded head with two conspicuous barbels between the nostrils, which it uses to find food. A nurse shark's mouth is filled with rows of small, serrated teeth for crushing hard-shelled prey The Nurse Shark is a common inshore bottom-dwelling shark, found in tropical and subtropical waters on the continental and insular shelves. The Nurse Shark is frequently found at depths of one metre or less but may occur down to 12 metres. Its common habitats are reefs, channels between mangrove islands and sand flats. The Nurse Shark occurs in the Western Atlantic from Rhode Island down to. The nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) is a type of carpet shark.This slow-moving bottom dweller is known for its docile nature and adaptation to captivity. It is a different species from the grey nurse shark (one of the names for the sand tiger shark, Carcharias taurus) and the tawny nurse shark (Nebrius ferrugineus, another type of carpet shark)

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The Ginglymostomatidae are a cosmopolitan family of carpet sharks known as nurse sharks, containing four species in three genera. Common in shallow, tropical and subtropical waters, these sharks are sluggish and docile bottom-dwellers. Nurse sharks typically attack humans only if directly threatened. The name nurse shark is thought to be a corruption of nusse, a name which once referred to the. Nurse sharks will spend most of their day sleeping in groups in a cave or crevice. They can use their pectoral fins to walk across the ocean floor. The maximum measured length for this fish is 10.1 feet long, and the heaviest weighed nurse shark was 263.8 pounds Nurse shark attacks are uncommon, but they're certainly not unheard-of—and humans are usually to blame. YouTube is loaded with videos of scuba divers hugging, grabbing, or stroking wild nurse. The nurse shark is a shark added in a soft update in Australia and New Zealand. However, it was reverted and the shark is no longer available. In 4.4.0, however, it was added back via splash pass. Can come back to life after your first death. This was removed in 4.4.0

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(For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com)My husband and are in the Caribbean on our honeymoon. Mid snorkeling with the sharks I felt a whoosh. A Shark Academy episode about the Nurse Shark!*****If you like Shark Academy, don't forget t..

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nurse shark 의미, 정의, nurse shark의 정의: 1. a type of shark that sucks food off the sea floor at night and does not move around much from. 자세히 알아보기 Nurse shark, (family Ginglymostomatidae), common name for any shark in the family Ginglymostomatidae, which is made up of the genera Ginglymostoma, Nebrius, and Pseudoginglymostoma. In addition to the common Atlantic nurse shark (G. cirratum), the family includes the tawny nurse shark (N The nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum), is a shark in the nurse shark family (Ginglymostomatidae), the only member of its genus Ginglymostoma. Nurse sharks are able to respire while stationary by pumping water through their mouths and out gills. The nurse shark is a common inshore bottom-dwelling shark, found in tropical and subtropical waters The Nurse Shark, also known as the Ginglymostoma cirratum, gets its name from Greek Roots. It may come from the strange sucking sounds they make when searching for prey in the sand. As with all sharks, this giant fish is incredibly interesting and very important to the delicate marine ecosystem, especially near fragile coral reefs

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Pacific Nurse Shark 002. Pacific Nurse Shark, Ginglymostoma unami. A newly described species that was previously considered to be a variant of the Atlantic nurse shark Ginglymostoma cirratum. Playa del Coco, Costa Rica, Eastern Pacific Ocean nurse shark definition: 1. a type of shark that sucks food off the sea floor at night and does not move around much from. Learn more

Nurse shark, Only Atlantic species (Ginglymostoma cirratum) of 25 carpet shark species (family Orectolobidae). Yellow- or gray-brown, sometimes with dark spots, it may grow to over 13 ft (4 m) long. It may attack swimmers, especially when provoked, but is not related to the dangerous gray nurse (Odontaspis arenarius), a sand shark Nurse Shark Behavior. The nurse shark is a solitary, nocturnal hunter, but if you see one during the day, it will probably be resting in a pile of other similarly sized sharks. These sharks don't migrate; when they finish hunting for the night, they will return to their favorite cave or coral reef to rest.. Nurse Shark Habitat. Nurse sharks like warm, shallow water and can be found all. Origin of The Name Nurse Shark. The origin of the name Nurse Shark is obscure. But, as is often the case with etymological research, a bit of time invested in poking through old books can reveal some fascinating insights into the history of contemporary words we use so casually we often take them for granted

Nurse shark definition is - any of various usually bottom-dwelling sharks (family Ginglymostomatidae) with barbels near the nostrils; especially : a large yellowish to grayish brown shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) of warm usually shallow coastal waters that is typically nonaggressive and rests often in groups on the sea floor during the day The Spicy Shark, Nurse Shark Jalapeno Hot Sauce 5 fl oz. 5 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) 4.2 out of 5 stars. 18. $9.99. $9. . 99 ($2.00/Fl Oz) Get it as soon as Wed, Aug 25 Nurse sharks eat bottom-dwelling fish, shrimp, squid, octopus, crabs, sea snails, lobster, sea urchins, and coral. The barbels (thin, fleshy, whisker-like organs on the lower jaw in front of the nostrils that sense touch and taste) help the shark locate potential food. Most hunting is done at night

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Nurse Shark Aquatics, San Diego, California. 248 likes · 2 talking about this. I'm an ICU RN certified to teach 6mo-adults. I am a member of the California pool and spa association, National swim.. Nurse sharks are very easy to identify. They reach fairly large sizes (10 feet/3 m), but unlike most large shark species, they are not grayish in coloration. Instead, they are yellowish-brown. They also have characteristically round heads, barbels that they use to search for prey, and very small eyes

The nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) is a bottom-dwelling shark, and is the only known species in the genus Ginglymostoma.They range in length from 2.1-2.7 metres (6 ft 11 in-8 ft 10 in), and weigh 75-120 kilograms (165-265 lb). Nurse sharks feed on crustaceans, mollusks, sea snakes, fish, coral, and tunicates.The Nurse shark is common in the coastal tropical and subtropical waters. The Nurse Shark. The Nurse Shark is nocturnal and likes to hang in groups. The Nurse Shark could be likened to the silent partner type. They may invest as a group and look for comfortable investments. For this Shark, the numbers will be extremely important. They are not likely to invest in high risk, low reward ventures The Nurse shark is one of the species of shark that are perfectly capable of breathing while sitting still. They actively suck water into their mouth which supplies oxygen to their gills without needing to swim, whereas other sharks, like Great White and Whale sharks, breathe by swimming non-stop, and water is constantly flowing into their open mouths and across their gills Add the Nurse Shark to your game. It's a large, tropical, ground dwelling shark that will be available to unlock once you hit Rank 10. 'Nursey' loves Rocks and sucking crustaceans out of their shells! This mod contains the .fbx and Cinema4d file used to make it Nurse Shark Emoji Combos Copy & Paste Nurse Shark Emojis & Symbols. submit combo. . . water sharks lake liquid fish seawater ocean great white shark hammerhead shark nurse shark tiger shark bull shark sea earth h2o cloud. copy skin col. More Emojis: clear cache.

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  1. If the nurse shark were a person, it might have a chip on its shoulder about its name, which isn't nearly as ferocious-sounding as bull or tiger. But while the nurse shark certainly doesn't tend to human beings like an RN, its name is somewhat appropriate insomuch that the shark is generally non-aggressive and typically swims away from people
  2. A nurse shark in an aquarium in Nanning, South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, receives underwater surgery for a prolapsed rectum after it defecated hard. Photo: Screenshot of a video.
  3. Nurse sharks have proven to be a hardy, adapatable species - capable of surviving a relatively broad range of temperatures and dissolved oxygen levels. In 1993, the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) established a management plan designed to protect 39 shark species found in Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico waters
  4. Nurse Shark Ginglymostoma cirratum These bottom dwelling sharks are usually yellowish-tan to dark brown and, as adults, average around 7.5 to 8 feet long and over 200 pounds (Rosa et al. 2006). Th
  5. Nurse sharks are common in the tropical waters of the Western Atlantic. They are frequently found in aquariums and easily kept in captivity. They prefer water temperatures between 20° - 30° C (68-86° F). Nurse sharks hardly move at all during the daytime, and researchers believe that they inhabit one location for much of their lives
  6. Nurse shark while diving off of Belize. April 10, 2015

The nurse shark has a wide, catfish-like face with fleshy appendages called barbels, which hang below their nostrils and provide a sense of touch. They have solid, light-blue eyes and a stout, dark gray and brown body with wide, rounded fins. Nurse sharks range in size from about 2 to 13 feet long Define nurse shark. nurse shark synonyms, nurse shark pronunciation, nurse shark translation, English dictionary definition of nurse shark. n. Any of various bottom-feeding sharks of the family Ginglymostomatidae, having long barbels near the mouth and feeding chiefly at night,. 1,764 nurse shark stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See nurse shark stock video clips. of 18. hammerhead shark nurse shark bahamas grey nurse shark young shark bahamas reef shark nurse sharks bahamas sharks bahamas tourist safe sharks from above carcharias taurus. Try these curated collections Nurse Shark. Ginglymostoma cirratum. Life History. Description and Diagnostic Characteristics: The mouth is near the tip of the snout with conspicuous nasal barbells on each side; deep grooves connecting nostrils with the mouth.The first and second dorsal and anal fins are broadly rounded and the second dorsal fin is nearly as large as the first dorsal fin

Description. Nurse sharks have two spineless, rounded dorsal fins, with the first dorsal fin being much larger than the second, and they have one anal fin.The first dorsal fin is located over the pelvic fins.The caudal fin is more than one quarter of the total shark's length. The sub-terminal mouth is placed well in front of the eyes, the spiracles are small, and there are long barbels on the. Nurse Sharks show a strong preference for certain resting sites and repeatedly return to the same caves and crevices following nocturnal activity. Nurse Shark s are nocturnal, feeding on bottom invertebrates such as spiny lobsters, shrimp, crabs, sea urchins, squid, octopus, snails & fishes such as mullet, puffers and stingrays Nurse sharks are yellow to grayish-brown in color. Adult mass ranges from 70.45 to 114.5 kg. A nurse shark at birth is 27 to 30 cm in length, while an adult is 107 to 300 cm long with an average length of 193 cm. Sizes do not vary significantly between sexes. Masses recorded vary greatly with only the largest of the sexes being reported in.

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Nurse sharks are members of the carpet shark order, the Orectolobiformes, along with other familiar species like the whale, bamboo, wobbegong, and zebra sharks. They occur in nearshore habitats in the sub-tropical and tropical eastern and western Atlantic coasts of the Americas, as well as the north-western coast of Africa, and has been documented in the Gulf of Gascogne in southwest France Aug 28, 2018 - Explore Nathan Jones's board Nurse Shark on Pinterest. See more ideas about nurse shark, shark, nurse Sarah Illig's dream honeymoon in the Bahamas turned out to be a nightmare after she was bitten by a shark. The 25-year-old Charleston, South Carolina woman was vacationing with new hubby Evan Carroll at an attraction that allows guests to swim with sharks. Her husband was filming her underwater when a five-foot nurse shark swam up and chomped.

TheNurse Shark Tooth is an Uncommon item dropped by a Nurse Shark during the Fishing Festival while Jerry, Marina the Fisherwoman, or Foxy are in office. Requirements 8 Shark Fins 1 Nurse Shark Tooth Mythological Creature DropsCraftingPet Item Nurse sharks cruise the bottom with their mouths open to suck in prey. They are not aggressive, and are often common in aquariums. Diet: bony fish, invertebrates, and stingrays. Feeding Habits: nocturnal, strong swimmers. Offspring: 20-30 pups per litter every other year. Lifespan: 25 years. Status: Data Deficent Nurse Shark Games, Perth, Western Australia. 392 likes · 1 talking about this. We are a small board game design & publishing company located in Perth, Western Australia. Our first game 'Fluttering..

The underside of the Grey Nurse Shark's snout is dotted with pores. Each of these leads to an organ (ampula of Lorenzini) which can detect electricity. Sharks can detect very weak electrical currents. This extra sense gives sharks the ability to detect and attack prey at close range without needing to see the prey item Nurse Shark. The various species of Nurse Shark are typically inshore tropical and subtropical bottom-dwelling Sharks. Nurse Sharks are brownish colored, quite sedentary, and commonly spotted lying on the bottom near shallow coral reefs, on sea grass flats, and around mangrove islands. They have tough skin that is well-suited to lying and. Taxonomy. The nurse shark family name, Ginglymostomatidae, derives from the Greek: from γίγγλυμος meaning hinge and στόμα meaning mouth. Cirratum also derives from Greek, meaning curl or swim. Based on morphological similarities, Ginglymostoma is believed to be the sister genus of Nebrius, with both being placed in a clade that also contains the Pseudoginglymostoma brevicaudatum. Relatives. The nurse shark is a member of the family Rhincodontidae, along with zebra sharks and whale sharks.Scientists are unclear about how they came to be called nurse sharks, but it is believed that the term nurse was derived from the common name nusse, which originally referred to cat sharks of the family Scyliorhinidae.The nurse shark was once thought to belong to this family and is.

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  1. Find professional Nurse Shark videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality
  2. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'nurse shark' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,.
  3. Nurse shark has tough meat that isn't widely eaten or often found in markets. If you do find nurse shark steaks or filets and want to try them -- they'll probably be quite affordable -- or if you catch and clean your own nurse shark, the meat may be prepared like more common types, such as mako and thresher sharks
  4. Katarina Zarutskie was bitten by a nurse shark in the Bahamas. Katarina Zarutskie, a 19-year-old model and student at the University of Miami, was bitten by a nurse shark in June while vacationing in the Bahamas with her boyfriend and his family. As she posed for a photo in the water, one of the sharks bit her arm and dragged her underwater
  5. Nurse sharks will return to the same breeding grounds again and again, and they are one of the few shark species that exhibit this kind of mating site fidelity. 9. Nurse Shark Diet. Nurse sharks are solitary, nocturnal fish, and they spend their nights, rifling through sediments at the ocean floor in search of food

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  1. Nurse Shark (Zerosvalmont)/Version 1 < Nurse Shark (Zerosvalmont) Edit Edit source History Talk (0) Versions of Nurse Shark (Zerosvalmont) Nurse Shark (Zerosvalmont) • Version 1. Nurse Shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) 1 2 Creator(s) Zerosvalmont. UXP. Original Shark Pack. Status. Available. Release Date. Oct 18,.
  2. The nurse shark lives close to the coast in tropical waters. It can be recognised by its flat head and small eyes. It lives on the seabed and in shallow coastal waters, from the intertidal zone down to 130 metres. The nurse shark eats bony fish, rays, invertebrates and also seaweed and carrion. With its barbels and highly-developed sense of.
  3. ous dorsal fin of a predator but they are much more easygoing than your average shark. These sharks are greyish-brown in appearance, reach 7.5 to 9.75 feet long, and weigh up to 300 pounds! Young nurse sharks can be identified by their spots

A footage of a Florida man who grabs a nurse shark with bare hands from the sea that later latches onto his hand and bites him has stunned the internet. In the now-viral footage on Facebook, filmed at Jensen Beach in the state of Florida, US, the swimmer was reported to have deliberately held the fish out of the water and acted like it was no big deal after the fish clung onto his arm The nurse shark, Ginglymostoma cirratum, is an aplacental, viviparous elasmobranch in which the egg and its associated vitelline vasculature are the primary route for maternal-embryonic interactions. During gestation, nurse shark embryos hatch from their eggcases and develop free in the uterus, which is flushed regularly with seawater

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Grey nurse sharks grow to at least 3.6 metres in length. The grey nurse shark is a slow but strong swimmer and is generally more active at night. Grey nurse sharks are often observed just above the sea bed in or near deep sandy-bottomed gutters or rocky caves, in the vicinity of inshore rocky reefs and islands The nurse shark, Ginglymostoma cirratum, is a shark in the nurse sharks (Ginglymostomatidae) family, the only member of its genus Ginglymostoma.Nurse sharks can reach a length of 4.3 m (14 ft) and a weight of 330 lbs (150 kg). [2]Taxonomy. The nurse shark family name, Ginglymostomatidae, derives from the Greek: from γίγγλυμος meaning hinge and στῶμα meaning mouth

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Florent's Guide To The Caribbean Reefs - Nurse Shark - Ginglymostoma cirratum - Nurse Sharks - - Nurse Sharks - Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, Bermuda, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Pacific Coast of Mexico to Panama, Gulf of California Plentiful nurse sharks attended the sessions I held during my shark study in Tahiti. They are heavily built animals with large, graceful fins, a long, pennant tail, and small eyes. They forage on the sea floor for a variety of foods at night and sleep in grottos in the coral during the days. Though these unusual sharks typically lie around on the sea floor, they are also capable of clambering

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  1. While nurse sharks are relatively harmless, they should not be harrassed or molested. The most recent bite locations have been marked on the 2020 Shark Attack Map. 2020 Shark Attack Bite, Nurse Shark Florida, Key Largo Related posts . May 26, 2021 Kevin McMurray. Video: Nurse sharks bite Belize vacationer's.
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  3. Nurse Shark is a level 35 NPC that can be found in The Jade Forest and Krasarang Wilds. This NPC can be found in The Jade Forest and Krasarang Wilds
  4. The Tawny Nurse shark (Nebrius ferrugineus) is a species of shark belonging to the family Ginglymostomatidae.They are currently the only extant member of the genus Nebrius.It is found widely along coastlines in the Indo-Pacific, preferring reefs, sandy flats, and seagrass beds from very shallow water to a depth of 230 feet. Nocturnal and social, the large Tawny Nurse shark is vulnerable currently

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Grey nurse sharks (Carcharias taurus) are known as spotted ragged-tooth sharks in Africa and as sand tiger sharks in the US and UK. They are found in most subtropical and temperate oceans. Worldwide the species is listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTMas Vulnerable but some populations, including on the east coast of Australia, are. Nurse Shark Habitats. The environments in which many nurse sharks species are known to live. Select an environment to see its nurse sharks species checklist. nurse sharks Habitats. The environments in which many nurse sharks species are known to live. Select an environment to see its nurse sharks species checklist THE NURSE SHARK. BOOK 1 OF THE FINTASTIC ADVENTURES BOOK SERIES. Join Norman on his epic journey through The Bahamas to try and find his family. Along the way he makes some unlikely friends, faces great danger, and begins to discover just what kind of animal he is. Money raised from the sale of these books goes to support Sharks4Kids. outreach. Dave Marcel made the mistake of flipping the docile nurse shark upside down before planing a kiss on its mouth. Since the shark's eyes are on top of the head, it couldn't see the diver and assumed.

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Nurse shark is large species of shark that belongs to the Ginglymostomatidae family. It can be found in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Western and Eastern Atlantic and Eastern Pacific ocean. Nurse shark is bottom-dweller that spends its life in the shallow waters near the coral reefs, on the sand flats and around the mangrove islands a nurse shark, Ginglymostoma cirratum. English Wikipedia has an article on: nurse shark. Wikipedia . Noun . nurse shark (plural nurse sharks) Any of various bottom-dwelling sharks of the family Ginglymostomatidae that have two fleshy barbels hanging from the lower jaw. Translations Nurse sharks are cosmopolitan carpet sharks belonging to the family Ginglymostomatidae. Common in shallow, tropical and subtropical waters of the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific, the family comprises three genera each with one species. They are benthic sharks, characterised as being sluggish and docile. Nurse sharks typically attack humans. Short-tail nurse shark Pseudoginglymostoma brevicaudatum (Günther, 1867). 75cm(TL) Distribution: Western Indian Ocean: East Africa, Mauritius and Seychelles. General: A little-known inshore bottom shark of the continental and insular shelves. Well adapted to lie amongst coral reefs due to its tough skin, depth data not available Nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum, Ginglymostomatidae) are one of the most exhibited shark species in aquariums worldwide.However, in these locations, their reproductive success rate is frequently low. Considering that there is probably an olfactory mediation for nurse shark reproduction, and that environmental enrichment has a potentially positive effect on reproduction of captive animals.

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Not all attempts of males to copulate with a female nurse shark result in successful fertilization, females may employ avoidance by 'pivotting and rolling' to escape from male attention (Ref. 49562). Or females may 'lie on back' and rest motionless and rigidly on the substrate (Ref. 51113, 49562) Nurse sharks can be found lying together in piles of up to 40 sharks. These sharks are usually non-aggressive and are usually considered lazy or sluggish. Baby sharks are called pups, and nurse sharks give birth to about 21-28 of them. They have two ways of breathing, one while swimming and one while resting The Nurse Shark requires sand as the substrate in the aquarium, since the abdomen is easily scratched by a coarser substrate, which may cause a wound and subsequent infection. It should never be exposed to copper-based medications. In the wild, it typically hunts at night, feeding on invertebrates and smaller, sleeping fish Meet the smallest member of the Nurse Shark Family! The Short-tail Nurse Shark is a tropical reef species found in the Western Indian Ocean along the coast of Africa from Tanzania to Kenya and around the island of Madagascar. Their common name refers to the unique feature of their precaudal tail being shorter than head and body length and a petite caudal fin less than a quarter of their total.

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Environmentalists up in arms over brutal slaying of nurse shark. June 21, 2021. 22. The brutal slaying of a harmless nurse shark over the weekend has dismayed local environmentalists. Videos and images of the mutilated creature on Seaforth Beach near Jennings were shared on social media. Some have dubbed the killing sickening and barbaric Habitat use of the nurse shark, Ginglymostoma cirratum, off Recife, Northeast Brazil: a combined survey with longline and acoustic telemetry. Download. Related Papers. Highly migratory shark fisheries research by the National Shark Research Consortium (NSRC), 2002-2007. By David Ebert and Gregor Cailliet grey nurse shark. Browse 708 nurse shark stock photos and images available, or search for grey nurse shark to find more great stock photos and pictures. Nurse Shark is seen at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve coral reef in the outskirts of San Pedro village, in Ambergris Cay, Belize, on June 7, 2018 Discover short videos related to grey nurse shark on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Dronesharkapp(@dronesharkapp_22), Dronesharkapp(@dronesharkapp_22), Dronesharkapp(@dronesharkapp_22), SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium(@sealifesydneyaquarium), Dronesharkapp(@dronesharkapp_22) . Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #greynurseshark, #greyshark, #nurseshark, #greyshark. Nurse sharks, which inhabit tropical and subtropical waters in the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans, can measure 10-plus feet. They're nocturnal hunters that rest in caves and.

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Nurse shark definition: any of various sharks of the family Orectolobidae, such as Ginglymostoma cirratum of the... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example Sail into the sunset in search of shy nurse sharks in the Indian ocean, gathered in their dozens at Vaavu Atoll. Located to the south of Dhigu, Vaavu offers some of the most spectacular Maldives shark snorkelling adventures on earth, with the world-famous Golden Wall an explosion of colourful corals

The nurse shark lives in warm waters in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans [sources: Guarracino, National Geographic].It's often seen in Florida, especially around the Keys. They've been spotted as far north as Rhode Island (though this is uncommon) and all the way down to Brazil. On the west coast of North and South America, they are found from Mexico to Peru Synonyms for nurse shark in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for nurse shark. 1 synonym for nurse shark: Ginglymostoma cirratum. What are synonyms for nurse shark

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Invites people to a picture with a nurse shark, which is trapped in a small area and held outside of the water in the beating down sun for visitors to hold it. It is very sad that Isla Mujeres allows this animal cruelty. Read more. Written August 18, 2019 The study presents the first national assessment of a nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) population, conducted using a combination of transect surveys and baited remote underwater videos (BRUVs). Density of nurse sharks in Belize was found to be higher in reefs than in lagoons, and in the atolls furthest away from the mainland and human settlements Nurse sharks are nocturnal feeders and love tiny reef fish, crabs, lobster, urchins, and shrimp. The nurse shark has small mouth, but its large, bellows-like pharynx allows it to suck in food items at high speed. This system allows the species to prey on small fish that are resting at on the sea floor and in caves at night Nurse sharks are generally found in warm and shallow waters, especially in the western Atlantic Ocean, which is, geographically, where you will be diving with Key West Snorkeling. They are ideal sharks to see when on a Key West snorkel trip because they are one of the rare shark species that do make their habitats close to human activity