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Could France-sized ocean garbage patch become 196th nation?

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  1. The Trash Isles is exactly what its name which LADbible is currently trying to rally through an online petition. So far, nearly 120,000 people have signed the petition with a goal of.
  2. The Pacific Ocean's Trash Isles, where waste has accumulated to fill a space the So far more than 38,000 people have signed the online petition to become citizens of the Trash Isles
  3. g citizens. Michael Hughes and Dalatando Almeida have already designed a passport, stamps, and currency-known as Debris-for The Trash Isles, so if the UN approves the petition, the country is good to go
  4. g marine life along the way
  5. g to raise awareness of it
  6. Trash Isles met all of them. First, define a territory. The campaign claimed all the plastic in the North Pacific Ocean as theirs. Second, form a government. Trash Isles established a monarchy and appointed Dame Judi Dench as Queen. Third, be able to communicate with other states
  7. So far, the group has more than 115,000 signatures on its petition urging the U.N. to accept the Trash Isles as a nation and volunteering to be citizens of the country

Petition launched to recognise Great Pacific Garbage Patch as a countr

  1. Trash Isle is seeking additional citizens to support their petition to join the United Nations. Trash Isle is not a really island, it is a cute name for an ugly condition called the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch or the North Pacific Subtropical High. LADbible Group and the Plastic Oceans Foundation have joined forces to raise awareness of the conditions of our world oceans and the.
  2. Sign the Plastic Waste Petition -Trash Isles recognition. Post by OldDuffer1 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:27:29 am. Members may be interested in this petition, designed to draw attention to the growing threat to the environment (and to ourselves!) of the plastic waste accumulating in the oceans:.
  3. Trash Isles. 552 likes. UN: All members shall co-operate in a spirit of global partnership to conserve, protect and restore the health and integrity of the earth's ecosyste
  4. With the UN application pending, the campaign is encouraging supporters to sign up to become citizens of the Trash Isles. Stephen Mai, Head of Marketing at LADbible Group, who is leading the campaign says: The ambition of Trash Isles is to garner the support of tens of thousands of people around the world, to become citizens by signing our online petition
  5. So, wait, the Trash Isles meets the criteria of an actual country? You better believe it. According to Article 1 of 1993 Montevideo Convention on rights and duties of States, a country must be.
  6. Campaign To Recognize The Trash Isles . The proposed flag of The Trash Isles. By Max James. A campaign has been launched to recognize the vast collection of plastic waste covering an area equivalent to the size of France floating in the Pacific as an independent country with its own flag, currency, stamps and passports

Petition launched to recognise Great Pacific Garbage Patch as a country

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  2. The petition, which says garbage clogs an area the size of France, states that nationhood would cause the Trash Isles to be covered by the UN's Environmental Charter, meaning other nations would.
  3. g, social media, social experiment, Still in the making, the campaign includes a formal petition to the UN to be recognised as a country, altogether with flags, passports and other national symbols
  4. Creative Consultant and Workshop Facilitator Trash Isles even has a Queen, following a soon-to-be-published interview with Dame Judi Dench, who proposed her own coronation by the fledgling state, for which the Lad Bible has created a.LADbible's social responsibility campaign 'Trash Isles' rallied people to take action against the growing plastic problem by declaring a mass of waste the.

Eine Petition der etwas anderen Art: Eine englische Medienorganisation versucht, die Müllteppiche in den Ozeanen vor den Vereinten Nationen als offiziellen Staat anerkennen zu lassen. Wer will, kann Bürger der Trash Isles werden und so die Kampagne unterstützen Trash Isles, a campaign for the Plastic Oceans Foundation and LadBible was created to empower the young people to lobby the United Nations to address the pla..

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Trash Isles. 553 likes. UN: All members shall co-operate in a spirit of global partnership to conserve, protect and restore the health and integrity of the earth's ecosyste Coal ash is a waste product from the burning of coal in coal-fired power plants that contains toxic contaminants like mercury, cadmium, lead, selenium and arsenic. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, these contaminants can pollute waterways, ground water, drinking water, and the air, endangering wildlife and human health An online petition asking the UN to recognize an island of floating garbage as the planet's 196th country is gaining momentum, with the aim of highlighting the growing epidemic of plastic trash in.

Our Call to Action . Sign the Petition for EIB Public hearing on TENORM Radioactive Waste/Radioactive Material Disposal. Dear Residents and Activists, As described below, in March 2018, a private corporation directed the transport and disposal of 288 tons, in 48 separate truckloads, of radioactive waste, in the form of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM. Trash Isles Case study. AMVBBDO. Follow. Published Jun 20, 2018. Like Comment. Share. WWF achieves 43,325 petition signatures in under 3 weeks thanks to a highly reactive paid social campaign . Latest agency work and news, Agency Case Studies More than sixty dead fish, along with other garbage, were dumped into a river and littered along the shore. These rotting carcasses and the accompanying trash pose a real threat to the local water quality. Sign this petition to ensure the criminals responsible are brought to justice

We've talked before about the Pacific Garbage Patch, but researchers are learning more about it and garbage patches like it every day. The garbage patches that plague our world's oceans are shrouded in mystery, so here's the truth about what these garbage islands really are, and how to stop contributing to them Trash Isles. 555 likes · 1 talking about this. UN: All members shall co-operate in a spirit of global partnership to conserve, protect and restore the health and integrity of the earth's ecosyste Trash Isles. 좋아하는 사람 556명 · 이야기하고 있는 사람들 1명. UN: All members shall co-operate in a spirit of global partnership to conserve, protect and restore the health and integrity of the earth's ecosyste We, residents of the City of Long Beach, demand that our elected officials represent and protect us by requiring a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) at 3701 Pacific Place Project (the former Golf Learning Center southwest of Crown Point, across from Los Cerritos Park and Elementary School). We object to the City prematurely allowing the developer to grade the site and move 50,000 tons of. Ask supermarkets to ditch throwaway plastic packaging. Each year, Canada generates 3.25 million tonnes of plastic waste - the equivalent weight of over 140,000 full garbage trucks! So much of the plastic packaging and waste we generate we get from our weekly visits to supermarkets

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Campaign for Pacific waste island to be considered a nation In an exercise to raise awareness of the problem of the Pacific Ocean wasteland, the Plastic Oceans Foundation has launched a campaign to call for all that garbage heap to be officially recognized as a country, The Trash Isles During the COVID-19 crisis, New Orleans garbage hoppers are working long, grueling shifts in bad conditions, without adequate proper protective equipment (PPE), for low pay. In fact, in 2015 the city passed a resolution to ensure city-contracted workers get paid a living wage. In the New Orleans metro area, a living wage is $26 per hour to support a family of four. Metrowide's hoppers are paid. The latest Tweets from Trash Isles (@TrashIsles): Accept the Trash Isles as an official country & help protect our oceans #TrashIsles Because 40,000,000,000 single-use plastic utensils are thrown away/year ending up in our oceans and killing sea-life. Most of these utensils go unused because restaurants automatically include them in to-go orders, even if customers try to opt-out of receiving them. Join the campaign that Habits of Waste (HoW) launched to #CutOutCutlery

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  1. Fauci just spent $424,000 to commission a study in which healthy beagles are given an experimental drug and then intentionally infested with flies that carry a disease-causing parasite that affects humans. At the end of the ongoing experiment, the dogs will all be killed. To shut this lab down and adopt out the survivors, add your name to our urgent new taxpayer petition
  2. Trash Isles. LONDON. 2018. 2018. Entrant Company AMVBBDO Medium Public Relations Category Environmental Entry Type Public Service. Share: View Fullscreen.
  3. LADbible said people can help out by signing the Change.org petition to become a Trash Isles citizen, or by donating to Plastic Oceans. Trash Isles already has an official flag, currency, and.
  4. The petition form is an item that cannot be dropped on the ground, put into storage, thrown to the trash can, or sold. The player can check the petition form at any point to see how many signatures they have and how many are remaining. If the player visits another town with a petition form during that town's Fishing Tourney, they will be unable.

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  1. Ontario Power Generation (OPG), a multi-billion dollar power generation company, is seeking approval to build a nuclear waste dump (a Deep Geological Repository or DGR) 1 km from the shores of Lake Huron.. The Dump will extend underground to approximately 400 meters below the lake level. Some of this nuclear waste remains toxic and lethal for over 100,000 years
  2. + + + The Trash Isles Успех в България + + За кампанията The Trash Isles Година: юни 2017 г. Рекламодател: The LAD Bible (Великобритания & Plastic Oceans Foundation (Великобритания) Рекламна агенция: AMV BBDO.
  3. This graph highlights how all the different types of waste produced builts up in the trash islands, namely the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This suggests how the 250 tonnes of waste that was present in th trash islands was accumulated with yard, food, plastics, metals, glass and paper in 2010
  4. Come on, fellow Trash Isles countrymen. Let's put down the plastic, get off our arses and pull together to ensure the world's first country made of Trash, is its last. Sign the petition here

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Connaissez-vous les Trash Isles (îles poubelles en français) ? C'est le nom d'un nouvel état que des ONG voudraient faire reconnaître par l'ONU. Massés dans le Pacifique, des millions de déchets forment une île flottante de la taille de la France. Une pollution qui détruit la faune et la flore de l'océan. Pour sensibiliser The petition provides information about the waste, including its chemical composition, to demonstrate the rationale for delisting the waste. The petition is reviewed by the appropriate regulatory agency -- either U.S. EPA or an authorized state hazardous waste regulatory agency -- to determine whether the waste should continue to be listed as hazardous Plastic is everywhere. Useful and convenient, it's also a massive pollution problem. Wildlife becomes ensnared in discarded plastic and microplastics are eaten by ocean creatures. Much of the UK's plastic waste is dumped and burned overseas, affecting people's health Wer glaubt, dass düstere Aussichten ausreichend wären, um Menschen davon abzuhalten, in ihr Unglück zu rennen, hat die menschliche Psyche nicht verstanden. Der Beweis dafür: Nie wurde so viel CO² in die Luft geblasen wie im vergangenen Jahr. Und die Prognose, dass es für dieses Jahr noch düsterer aussieht, ist nicht allzu gewagt LADbible: Trash Isles by AMV BBDO. Eight million tons of plastic is dumped in our ocean each year. Despite the scale of this problem and the massive areas this plastic is now forming governments.

So BREAKING NEWS. The former Vice President of the United States is now our first honorary citizen of the Trash Isles. The Trash Isles? What's that, we hear? At LADbible, we've set out to combat plastic pollution by creating the world's first country made from ocean rubbish - an area the size of France, which has already formed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean Sign the Petition We call on the Alberta government to immediately reinstate public health measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect Albertans. Note: The name and first three characters of the postal code of the persons who sign this petition may be made available to the public if the petition is presented to the Alberta Government A Desperate Plea to Bring Me Back Home! I am a resident of Hawkes Bay and it has been my home for close to 6 years while I work for the Hawkes Bay District Health Board as a Procurement Specialist. I am a staunch believer of the Gandhian philosophy in giving back to the community that one lives in, which led me to serve as board member for.

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White Coat Waste Project is happy to help at (202) 656-9044. Reply HELP for help, STOP to end. Message frequency may vary. Message and data rates apply. Terms and Conditions here. To contribute by mail, please send a personal check or money order made payable to WCW to: PO Box 26029. Washington, DC 20001 Plastic is set to outweigh fish in our oceans by 2050 and at least 100m animals are dying because of it. If you haven't already, become a citizen of the.. HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THE SAVE THE SEPIK CAMPAIGN? 1. SHARE THE PETITION AND STAND WITH THE SEPIK PEOPLES. Sign and share the petition with your friends, family and colleagues and show your support for the Sepik Peoples' and the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea by calling for a ban on the Frieda River Mine and for the Sepik River Basin to receive World Heritage Listing

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To us, finding plastic waste on a beach might be unsightly, but for the cute hermit crab, it could be downright deadly. This tragic fate is especially common in some of the world's most remote islands where ocean plastic washes up on shore with a shocking frequency We the undersigned have recognized a growing phenomenon. Objects making up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch- a trash island largely made up of plastic 500ft. off the coast of San Francisco- include plastic bottles, bags, wrappers, toothbrushes, toys, ect

A campaign has been launched to stop waste being pumped into the sea. Peel cafe Roots by the Sea is urging government to re-think its stance on depositing raw sewage in Manx waters. It has started a petition calling for a different way to dispose of toxic chemicals, sewage and PCBs TAKE ACTION NOW to support legislation in Los Angeles City and County that saves restaurants money and reduces unnecessary waste. We can #SkipTheStuff by requiring takeout and delivery extras, like single-use utensils, straws, condiments, napkins, and more, to be provided only upon request. Sign the petition to support Search form for petitions and specific information concerning the latest submissions. Further links to the European Parliament website PETITION TO THE CITY OF JOHANNESBURG FROM: . November 2020. We, the undersigned, being ratepayers of the City of Johannesburg, wish to draw the attention of the City of Johannesburg, to. THE ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF MUNICIPAL-OWNED PROPERTY ADJACENT TO FOREST FARM CENTRE ON THE WESTERN BANK OF THE, BRAAMFONTIEN SPRUIT, OPPOSITE FIELD AND STUDY CENTRE, BRYANSTO Trash incineration is the most expensive and polluting way to manage waste or to make energy. It's dirtier than burning coal and is more polluting than direct landfilling of trash. For every 100 tons burned, over 70 tons becomes air pollution and the other nearly 30 tons end up as toxic ash that is dumped in the county's landfill, making it more dangerous than if waste were placed there directly

Petition from the Japan Congress Against Atomic concerning the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Japan Congress against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs (Gensuikin ) 1979 supporting people of Palau in their struggle against any deployment or storage of nuclear weapons and waste in Palau. Access English: T_PET-10_148. In April 2016, Formosa was found to be discharging toxic waste into the waters of Vietnam, leading to a serious environmental disaster which stretched across 250km of the central coast and mass fish deaths. Fish, shrimp, coral and other seafood produce died due to the destruction of the marine ecosystem off central Vietnam which many have said. A woman was arrested after forty-four dogs were allegedly found living in disgusting piles of trash and their own feces and urine. Two of the animals reportedly did not survive. Demand this woman spend time in prison if it is discovered that any of these animals endured hardship or died while under her supervision ~ Some call letter 'garbage' ~. PHILIPSBURG--A draft letter from Chairperson of Parliament Rolando Brison, clarifying the legislature's petition to the United Nations (UN) was approved by a majority in Parliament on Thursday with strong opposition from some Members of Parliament (MPs)

Petition: Restrict Traps and Poisons on Public Lands. We, the undersigned, seek to prohibit the use of poisons and traps on New Mexico's public lands. Traps (including steel-jaw, leg-hold traps, wire snares, and other body-gripping devices). Kodaikanal's Dirty Secret. A forest overflowing with the garbage of Kodaikanal. A dumpsite in violation of the Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016. A village water source being polluted by mismanaged SWM. The Kodaikanal Municipality needs to rectify their SWM lapses now! The land allocated for the municipality to segregate solid waste. Full Title: In the Matter of Sandwich Isles Communications, Inc.; Connect America Fund, WC Docket No. 10-90, Order on Reconsideration Document Type(s): Order on Reconsideration Bureau(s): Wireline Competition Description: The Commission reaffirms its commitment to combating waste, fraud, and abuse in the Universal Service Fund by denying a petition for reconsideration of an order finding that. Waste Levy, Source Separation, Recycling - 3 Simple Elements. This petition is initiated by HongKong2050isNOW and Designing Hong Kong. Petition Creator. This petition was started by 創建香港 Designing Hong Kong on October 16, 2020, with an end date of November 30, 2020

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End Plastic Pollution informs policymakers and contributes to the international discussion on plastic pollution and its causes, including pushing for national legislation and corporate commitments. EARTHDAY.ORG also engages with and informs a global network of NGOs, grassroots organizations, campus youth, mayors and other local elected leaders, faith leaders, artists and athletes, and students. Ban the use of super trawlers in UK waters. We are interested in the banning of super trawlers to take a step in the right direction to heal one of our most important ecosystems. We hope this will help regulate overfishing in UK waters, and reduce the amount of fishing related plastic waste in the British Isles. More details Re: Petition for Preliminary Assessment of Northwest Hawaiian Islands and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for Plastic Contamination under Section 105 of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, 42 U.S.C. §§ 9601 et seq. The reefs and shores of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands are littered with hundred PETITION TO 50 State Governors and the U.S. President. We, the undersigned, join in saying YES to needed common sense reforms and NO to leftist riots & revolution. We will not allow far left radicals to stoke the flames of division and hatred around the world and destroy western civilization as we know it

Dam the plastic flood! This petition has now ended. After 650,000 of you called on the EU for action, the European Commission proposed new rules to reduce single-use plastics, and to position the EU as the leader in the global fight against plastic pollution. But unfortunately some EU member states may still try to hold Europe back The garbage island that was formed near Freedom Island is filled with single-use plastic wastes like sachets, water bottles and containers. If we don't #BreakFreeFromPlastic now, we'd have more islands to welcome than the 7,641. Tell companies to stop producing single-use plastic, Greenpeace Philippines said in its post

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The uMbilo River is a river system in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, located in eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality. The river rises in Kloof to the west of the city of Durban and the mouth of the river is situated in Durban harbour(1) (2). Due to the ongoing uMbilo River pollution and frustration of the lack of appropriate response or results by the Municipality in addressing the river. PETITION TO Netflix's Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos. We, the undersigned, are outraged by Netflix's decision to stream a Christmas video which depicts the Lord Jesus as homosexual, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, as an adulterer. This is a disgusting display of corporate arrogance, and utter disregard for the beliefs of those who currently subscribe to, or could subscribe to your services

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KoreanDogs.org T.started this petition toHwasun, South Korea. We want Hwasun-gun to stop their indifference toward animal cruelty and the illegal dog meat industry, and to take immediate action to shut them down. Request to Hwasun-gun, South Korea, to take administrative action against illegal dog farms The petition, launched today (August 6) asks Thanet council to conduct a more thorough search and assessment for sites; remove both Potten Street car park and the land at Shottendane Road; compile a list of proposed sites that are safe for occupants and the public and to prioritise the use of brownfield land for new sites Plastic is everywhere. Useful and convenient, it's also a massive pollution problem. Wildlife becomes ensnared in discarded plastic and microplastics are eaten by ocean creatures. Much of the UK's plastic waste is dumped and burned overseas, affecting people's health. To stop this, we must. Attend a virtual Trash Talk. Want to learn more about trash laws in your state and how you can get involved locally to help stop the flow of trash? Join us for a virtual Trash Talk — an informal chat about trash and our local waterways. Trash Talks are organized by theme so we can address watershed-wide issues, no matter what river state you live in

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Please, try again. We want Pyeongtaek to stop their indifference toward animal cruelty and the illegal dog meat industry, and to take immediate action to shut them down. Request to Pyeongtaek, South Korea, to take administrative action against illegal dog farms. Gyeonggi-do Pyeongtaek Seotan-myeon Naecheon-ri 762-2 beonji Madu-ri 303-2 Fighting for Brussels Canal: Group launches petition for bottle deposit scheme. The Brussels Canal is, in a word, one big mess. While it functions quite well as a highway for boats, it is full of rubbish, the water quality is beyond poor and there isn't a speck of biodiversity. This may not come as a huge surprise, but exactly how bad.

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Myth #1: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch can be seen from space. Despite its name indicating otherwise, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch isn't one giant mass of trash, nor is it a floating island. Barely 1 percent of marine plastics are found floating at or near the ocean surface. There is now, on average, an estimated 70 kilograms of plastic. Biodiversity Year of the Coral Reef Campaign Publication of Baby K's Secret Valley - a children's book about the Rarotonga Flycatcher Working with Takitumu Conservation Area to protect the endangered Rarotonga Flycatcher-an endemic bird (global population in 1989 29; current population 300+) Bird surveys and rat eradication programmes on Suwarrow to protect globally significant. Right now there is a plan to ship up to one-third of the world's high-level radioactive waste and bury it in South Australia. This plan would impact Australians for the next 300,000 years. It would enable aging nuclear reactors around the world - now under pressure to close because of their intractable waste problems - to stay open for another decade - more risk and more waste SUNNY ISLES BEACH, Fla. - The family of an 11-year-old boy hit by a car two weeks ago say his injures are too severe to save him after doctors have declared him brain-dead. Anthony Reznik was. Location: Deer Isle, Maine. Comment: On June 3, 2021 the Select Board of Deer Isle voted 3-0 to send a letter of support to our legislators for efforts to fund municipal recycling and encourage producers to reduce wasteful packaging. Name: Sarah Yates. Location: Limington, Maine

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Isle of Man Wakes Up to What is Planned - SUB SEA NUCLEAR DUMP. On January 28, 2021 By mariannewildart In GDF, Geological Dumping of Nuclear Waste, Irish Sea, Radioactive Beaches Sellafield, Sellafield. At last there is some Grrrrr over the plan to dump heat generating nuclear waste under the Irish Sea - so far the plan appears to be to. A petition asking for it to be legal for people to camp in some areas of Jersey has now been signed by more than 1,000 people. It was started after complaints about people camping at St Ouen's Bay. Garbage Roll Carts, Curbside Containers, Recycling Roll Carts, Recycling Bins, Yard Trash/Biomass Containers, and any non-containerized waste appropriate for Curbside collection shall be placed Curbside prior to 6:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection day

Like most Pacific Island countries, Vanuatu, with most of its population of 310,000 relying on fishing for food and livelihoods, faces a grave threat from ocean-borne plastic waste. Of all of its neighbours, Vanuatu has taken the most stringent steps to address the plastic scourge; in 2018, became one of the first countries in the world to ban single-use plastics The Fire and Rescue team were called to a gorse fire in Colby yesterday afternoon. Rushen, Castletown and Douglas crews put out the flames in Ballakilpheric that was reaching a nearby tractor after spreading approximately one acre at 3:30pm yesterday. The fire service is urging the public to be careful in dry grass areas, and to avoid dropping.